About kathaakar

Welcome to Kathaakar! We are a professional dance academy & institution located in Bengaluru, India. Our goal is to provide high-quality dance education in the field of Kathak, create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all dancers & promote the art of dance in our community.

At Kathaakar, we are committed to fostering creativity and self-expression, cultivating a passion for dance in our students & providing a safe and supportive learning environment. We believe that dance is an art form that has the power to inspire, heal, and transform, brings joy and fulfillment to both the dancer and the audience & is a reflection of our cultural heritage and diversity.

Our Gurus are experts, having experience for more than 43 years with unique qualities to teach and pass on this sacred art to the new generation. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our dance school, allowing us to groom students in wholesome manner to be a very promising artist. Together, we work to bring the joy and happiness of every student in Kathaakar, help them to fulfill their dreams & passion to become an inspiring artist in the world of art & culture.

At Kathaakar, we offer a wide range of dance classes and programs for dancers of all ages and levels, including pure classical, semi classical, folk and innovative choreography sessions to achieve the goals towards performances and exam certifications. We also provide opportunities for our students to perform in “Kathaakar Annual Festival”, and apart from that competitions at various platforms, and events which are organized by their academic schools.
Our focus is on building strong foundations in technique and artistry, encouraging creativity and self-expression & providing a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

Thank you for considering Kathaakar as your dance education destination. We look forward to sharing the joy of dance with you, helping you achieve your dance goals & welcoming you into our dance community.

About our Gurus

Pooja Bhatt and Tushar Bhatt are well known Kathak Dance Duo from Bengaluru – India.
They balance traditional arts with contemporary designs and serve Kathak in many ways.
They aim to reach out to Teaching, Choreographing and Dancing Kathak, worldwide.
The dancing couple have striven against many odds to teach, perform, tour & present dance.
They represent young India full of good values and manners in artistic pursuit, and do not resort to short cuts in Art or Life.

Since 2015

Kathaakar Dance Company was founded in 2015 by Artistic Director Smt. POOJA BHATT & Shri TUSHAR BHATT and has been creating and performing high-energy, immersive dance experiences ever since. Their work combines elements of modern and unconventional approach towards dance & breathtaking choreography to create dynamic and visually stunning performances.
Since its inception, Kathaakar has been praised for its unique approach to dance and has gained a following both in India and around the world. They have performed at major festivals and venues in India and abroad, to mention a few countries: U. S. A., Canada, U. K., Malaysia, Europe, South Africa, Re-Union Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, U. A. E., etc.
In addition to their performance work, Kathaakar also offers dance classes and workshops to the public. They are committed to making dance accessible to everyone and to creating a supportive community around the art form.
Overall, Kathaakar is an example of a successful dance company & institution that has been able to create a distinct style and build a loyal following through their innovative approach to performance and commitment in the field of art & culture.

Why Chose Us

1. Reputation: A well-established dance company with a good reputation is likely to offer quality training and performance opportunities. Look for a company that has a strong history of producing skilled dancers and successful performances.

2. Style: Different dance companies specialize in different styles of dance, such as ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, or ballroom. Choose a dance company that aligns with your personal style and interests.

3. Training: Look for a dance company that offers high-quality training and experienced instructors. A good dance company will help you to develop your technique and artistry, and will offer a range of classes and workshops to help you improve.

4. Performance Opportunities: Performance opportunities are a great way to gain experience and showcase your skills. Look for a dance company that offers regular performance opportunities, both within the company and in public performances.

5. Community: A strong sense of community can help you to feel supported and motivated in your dance journey. Look for a dance company that fosters a positive and inclusive community where dancers can learn and grow together.

Ultimately, the choice of a dance company will depend on your personal goals, interests, and needs. Research different dance companies, attend classes and performances, and speak to current and former members to find a company that is the best fit for you.

42 Years of Experience

Pooja Bhatt & Tushar Bhatt - Kathaakar at Neemrana Fort Palace

Committed to Deliver The Best!

Awards & Recognition.

The dancing couple is the recipient of prestigious national awards like “Nataraja Shakuntala Dance Couple Award” by attendance, “Kala Sreshta Award”, “Youth Icon Award” & “YuvaKala Sreshta Award”, to name a few.

Breathtaking Performances!

The duo has performed in many prestigious festivals held in India and abroad, to mention a few: U. S. A., Canada, U. K., Malaysia, Europe, South Africa, Re-Union Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, U. A. E.

Leading Choreographers & Teachers!

Their experience in the field of Kathak spans for more than 3 decades. “Kathaakar means The StoryTeller and as the Story Tellers Pooja & Tushar Bhatt continue to create unique teaching techniques & performances that reach out to worldwide spectators and encourage them to promote & preserve Indian Classical Arts.”

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.

Our Oracle

Meet our experts

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt

Managing Director

Tushar Bhatt

Tushar Bhatt

Creative Director

Archana Anand

Archana Anand

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Nupur Singh

Nupur Singh

Kathaakar Festival Coordinator



Official Photographer

”Kathaakar specializes
in Teaching Dance,
Designing Stage & Lights, Sound
& Music Editing, Choreographing Mega productions & Music Composing for dance companies
all around the world.”

Founders & Directors - Kathaakar

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