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Guru Shri Tushar Bhatt

Guru Shri Tushar Bhatt Playing the role of Karna, The Invincible!

Guru Shri Tushar Bhatt

During a performance in San Antonio, USA

Kathaakar Festival 2023

Kathaakar Festival 2023 coming Soon and it's sure to be a spectacular event. Kathaakar Festival is an annual celebration of storytelling that showcases the art of true storytelling through Kathak Dance. We bring you soulful dance & music, vibrant costumes, celestial lights, never seen before performances and much more. Storytelling is a powerful medium that has the ability to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. If you're attending the festival, you can expect to be immersed in breathtaking and inspiring performances. You'll have the opportunity to witness to seasoned storytellers as well as up-and-coming talents. We hope you will have a wonderful time at the Kathaakar Festival and feel inspired & enriched by the stories you hear through our Dance!